GuRu Prevails Congratulates Kiran Raj to receive an offer from Rakuten Inc. Tokyo, Japan for Next-Gen Search Engine Development.

Santhosh Kumar, Stanford University, shares his experience with software garages working on Hadoop, in Bay Area, the USA, with the students at GuRu Prevails

Ione Binford, CEO Read-Ink Technologies, shares her views with the students at GuRu Prevails about “ the importance of professional level programming skills” in an IT product development company.

Richa Bhayani, Graduate Student @ Stanford University, introduced the Students of GuRu Prevails to “Sentiment Analysis from tweets”.

"You can have your Grades!" I studied Machine Learning at GuRu Prevails, and I am joining Google Inc. – Darshan Hegde

David Wood
, Executive VP and Head of Research, Symbian had a meeting with Dattatreya, CEO GuRu Prevails, on “future of AI” in Bangalore

J. E. Thomas Hooton, a Canadian entrepreneur introduced the students of GuRu Prevails on Artificial life

Prof. Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis, Stern Business School, NYU offers internships on EconoMining to students of GuRu Prevails

GuRu Prevails congratulates its star alumnus Chandrasekhar Bhagavatula on joining North Western University for graduate studies on Machine Learning

Adityendra Rawat wins the student of the year 2010 award at GuRu Prevails

GuRu Prevails starts its operation in Kolkata, with a seminar at Bengal Engineering and Science University

Dr. Mohan Delampady, Prof ISI Bangalore audited the Linear Algebra Module of Machine Learning course

GuRu Prevails CEO meets Dr. Lalitesh Katragada of Google, Dr. Lalitesh has agreed to support GuRu Prevails by auditing the Machine Learning course content.

Fighter Pilot Das, Indian Air Force, introduces GuRu Prevails students to Physics of Flying, Black-outs and applications of Machine Learning

At GuRu Prevails, I studied Machine Learning what they do not teach in School, I am ACCEPTED in National Instruments. --Raghunandan M

Star Alumnus

Anoop Katti, Bangalore
GuRu Prevails is the way towards independence and confidence.
Areas of Interest: Speech and Image Processing

Karthik D K, Bangalore
"With GuRu Prevails I have found a new self within"
Areas of interest:Text Classification

Raghunandan M
A fantastic place to Study exciting and transforming.
Areas of interest: Robotics

Nikhil Lakhmani, Kolkata
GuRu Prevails, a move forward in the direction of tomorrow
Areas of interest: Mobile Applications Development and Web3.0

Darshan Hegde, Bangalore:
GuRu Prevails makes you to seek Gu(Darkness) and Ru(Sunshine) within you
Areas of interest: Data Mining and Computer Vision

Adityendra Rawat, Bangalore:
GuRu Prevails is the gateway to NexGen Technologies
Areas of interest: Machine Learning and Mobile Apps

Sunil Jain, Bangalore
GuRu Prevails: "The place where Geeks! are born!!"
Areas of interest: Booting Geeky Startups!

Varun, Bangalore
GuRu Prevails is "more than what meets the eye"
Areas of interest:Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing.

Ananya Saxena, Bangalore
GuRu Prevails is the guiding light to explore Computer Science
Areas of interest:Algorithm Design

Kiran Raj, Tokyo Japan
Want to walk a walk among the best in Technology and Business - GuRu Prevails has the right arsenal
Areas of Interest: Nex-Gen Search Engine

Welcome To GuRu Prevails

GuRu Prevails is the first consultancy firm to offer training in Machine Learning. It’s world class faculty, best in their class course modules, and ambitious, industry defining projects allow GuRu Prevails to offer the ideal educational experience in Machine Learning. Getting from point A to point B in a world swamped with redundant and contradictory information isn’t easy. But, by introducing students to new technologies and analytical methods of problem solving, we help our students to map out their route to make their way on the web.

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 Applications of Machine Learning


  • Fraud Detection
    • As computers begin to play larger and larger roles in our everyday lives, we as consumers begin to share our personal information online more often, whether it’s to make a donation, or a purchase, or to do online banking. This in turn provides cyber-criminals with more and more opportunities to find “gaps” in securities systems and manipulate private information for their own gain. The internet crime complaint center, a division of the FBI, reported $557.7 million lost in 2009 due to general cyber-criminality, and in 2006 it was estimated that identity theft costs Great Britain over 1.6 billion pounds each year. However, using Machine Learning, systems of Fraud Detection can be put into place to create adaptive defense systems that not only keep many cyber criminals out of private systems, but alert all concerned parties in the event that they manage to get in so that appropriate actions can be taken in a timely manner.
  • Bioinformatics
    • By applying computer sciences and real time statistical analysis to biology, scientists have made leaps and bounds in genetics and heredity. This practice, first called “Bioinformatics” by Paulien Hogeweg, is now being applied in health care. The use of Bioinformatic techniques directly related to Machine Learning is revolutionizing medicine and completely changing the way scientists analyze biological data.
  • Targeted Advertisement
    • It is not a coincidence that all the commercials for sugary breakfast cereals and the new “Transformers” toys are on T.V. during the Saturday morning cartoons. The roots of this phenomenon can be found in the application of techniques known as “behavioral targeting” and “contextual advertising,” Analysis of demographics and databases compiled from consumer demands and tendencies. The future of advertising, indeed the future of mass market consumerism itself, is intimately tied in with computer science and Machine Learning.
  • Search Engines
    • Machine learning is the mechanism by which a search engine “thinks,” the way it remembers and records previous searches and then updates the order and presentation of results so that they are tailor made for the searcher. This helps hundreds of thousands of people who rely on the internet every day to navigate massive quantities of information to find
  • Gaming
    • There can be, perhaps, no more effective example of the fruits of Machine Learning technology than IBM’s Deep Blue computer. This “chess machine,” developed in the mid 90’s, was designed to learn technique and strategy as it played against human opponents. The Blue Box famously bested world chess champion Gary Kasparov in 1997. Unable to believe he had been defeated by the machine, Kasparov accused the Blue Box and the IBM team of “cheating.” There are no limits for the application of Machine Learning in gaming. Any interactive video game, from Tetris to a gamer’s favorite first person shooter can be made into a richer, more challenging and enjoyable experience by the application of Machine Learning. The possibilities are endless.
  • Market Research
    • When massive amounts of data must be analyzed alongside numerous variable factors, strategically sound decision making can be a tricky business. Market research firms and consultants use Machine Learning to make sense of data previously too scattered and extensive to be of any use. They use this information to provide themselves and their clients with exclusive insights into the workings of the market.
  • Robotics
    • Ever since Issac Assimov invented the word “Robotics” in a science fiction story, the science and engineering of mechanical men has captured the human imagination. But, in reality, robotics means so much more than this. Robotics is an extremely varied field, with multiple applications in Machine Learning and modern life. The relevance of robotics in terms of software will only increase in the coming years.
  • Aerospace
    • As possibilities for space travel and aerospace technology advance, issues of cost and safety require extensive testing and simulations. Running an airline for instance, involves analyzing data from customers to improve performance and service. Machine Learning is fast becoming the mechanism of choice by which airlines synthesize this data into a competitive business
  • Thought Reading (fMRI)
    • Through the use of a functional magnetic resonance imaging reader and some highly advanced processing software, scientists can guess with 70 to 80 percent accuracy just what it is you are thinking. It’s true. Using “snapshots” showing tiny irregularities in the brain, scientists are on the verge of creating the world’s first “true” lie detector, a machine that would be capable of “learning” mental and emotional processes well enough to red flag dishonesty or confirm that a statement is true.
  • Spam Filter
    • Your junk E-mail filter does more than save you the trouble of reading through ads and chain letters. It can help to protect you from viruses and spyware. It is the virtual security guard standing between your computer and the whole of the internet, and E-mail would be infinitely less convenient and accessible without it. Mail filters can also be used to “rank” messages by priority, and are sometimes utilized by larger companies to monitor their employees outgoing messages.