GuRu Prevails Congratulates Kiran Raj to receive an offer from Rakuten Inc. Tokyo, Japan for Next-Gen Search Engine Development.

Santhosh Kumar, Stanford University, shares his experience with software garages working on Hadoop, in Bay Area, the USA, with the students at GuRu Prevails

Ione Binford, CEO Read-Ink Technologies, shares her views with the students at GuRu Prevails about “ the importance of professional level programming skills” in an IT product development company.

Richa Bhayani, Graduate Student @ Stanford University, introduced the Students of GuRu Prevails to “Sentiment Analysis from tweets”.

"You can have your Grades!" I studied Machine Learning at GuRu Prevails, and I am joining Google Inc. – Darshan Hegde

David Wood
, Executive VP and Head of Research, Symbian had a meeting with Dattatreya, CEO GuRu Prevails, on “future of AI” in Bangalore

J. E. Thomas Hooton, a Canadian entrepreneur introduced the students of GuRu Prevails on Artificial life

Prof. Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis, Stern Business School, NYU offers internships on EconoMining to students of GuRu Prevails

GuRu Prevails congratulates its star alumnus Chandrasekhar Bhagavatula on joining North Western University for graduate studies on Machine Learning

Adityendra Rawat wins the student of the year 2010 award at GuRu Prevails

GuRu Prevails starts its operation in Kolkata, with a seminar at Bengal Engineering and Science University

Dr. Mohan Delampady, Prof ISI Bangalore audited the Linear Algebra Module of Machine Learning course

GuRu Prevails CEO meets Dr. Lalitesh Katragada of Google, Dr. Lalitesh has agreed to support GuRu Prevails by auditing the Machine Learning course content.

Fighter Pilot Das, Indian Air Force, introduces GuRu Prevails students to Physics of Flying, Black-outs and applications of Machine Learning

At GuRu Prevails, I studied Machine Learning what they do not teach in School, I am ACCEPTED in National Instruments. --Raghunandan M

Star Alumnus

Anoop Katti, Bangalore
GuRu Prevails is the way towards independence and confidence.
Areas of Interest: Speech and Image Processing

Karthik D K, Bangalore
"With GuRu Prevails I have found a new self within"
Areas of interest:Text Classification

Raghunandan M
A fantastic place to Study exciting and transforming.
Areas of interest: Robotics

Nikhil Lakhmani, Kolkata
GuRu Prevails, a move forward in the direction of tomorrow
Areas of interest: Mobile Applications Development and Web3.0

Darshan Hegde, Bangalore:
GuRu Prevails makes you to seek Gu(Darkness) and Ru(Sunshine) within you
Areas of interest: Data Mining and Computer Vision

Adityendra Rawat, Bangalore:
GuRu Prevails is the gateway to NexGen Technologies
Areas of interest: Machine Learning and Mobile Apps

Sunil Jain, Bangalore
GuRu Prevails: "The place where Geeks! are born!!"
Areas of interest: Booting Geeky Startups!

Varun, Bangalore
GuRu Prevails is "more than what meets the eye"
Areas of interest:Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing.

Ananya Saxena, Bangalore
GuRu Prevails is the guiding light to explore Computer Science
Areas of interest:Algorithm Design

Kiran Raj, Tokyo Japan
Want to walk a walk among the best in Technology and Business - GuRu Prevails has the right arsenal
Areas of Interest: Nex-Gen Search Engine


What is the relevance of Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a discipline with application in fields ranging from medicine to the internet, to aeronautics, but the possibilities do not stop there. Machine Learning technologies will someday be used to resolve societal issues, promote equity and fight corruption in government, and generally interpret the wants and needs of the average citizen. By engaging the sharpest and most eager minds our generation has to offer, GuRu Prevails is using Machine Learning to change the world in which we live for the better.


Will GuRu Prevails assist me in obtaining venture capital and patents?

In most cases, yes! We at GuRu Prevails are happy to assist our students in sharing the fruits of their studies and effort with the world. We will provide all the necessary guidance our students need to enter into the market as independent entrepreneurs.


Will Machine Learning get me a job?

Top recruiters are enthusiastically searching for people educated in Machine Learning. The discipline is in shockingly high demand, and yet only a handful of people are proficient. This opportunity is not to be missed. The Machine Learning skill set helps people to find great careers and soar to unimagined heights every day.


What kind of job can I expect?

Machine Learning opens up a whole new world of opportunity to it’s students. Google, Yahoo, Mercedes, General Motors, McKinsey, and other prestigious firms that utilize AI in their business model are all perspective options for someone well versed in Machine Learning.


What is the duration of the course? What will we be learning?

In a quarter, we cover various aspects of machine learning like linear algebra, probability theory, learning algorithms, convex optimization and dynamic programming, some of which you may have heard of. Our course module is divided into 55hours of classroom sessions, 20 of hours of practical labs, and one project, that needs to be completed during the course. The GuRu Prevails course module is the best in its class. Refined by the experts and revered by the industry, the GuRu Prevails curriculum is designed especially to supply you with each and every tool you need to find a great career.


Will GuRu Prevails help to place me in a job?

GuRu Prevails promotes interaction with influential industry leaders. Though we do not have a formal placement program, the contacts you make through the program will help you gain an upper hand in competing for the best jobs.

When do classes start? How many students participate in each class? What is the student to faculty ratio?

Courses on Machine Learning are offered on a quarterly basis, and Android, Python, and Web 3.0 workshops are conducted once a month. Students should make sure to register for the course of their choice at least 21 days in advance! For a more detailed schedule, click here. [link to the schedule of classes which should open in a pop up].

Will GuRu Prevails provide course materials?

All necessary text books and study material will be included at no extra cost to the student. It’s all completely free with enrollment!

Will accommodation be provided?

GuRu Prevails is not at present a residential training organization. We do not provide accommodation on campus.


Will I be able to participate in GuRu Prevails programs and classes while working in a full time job or studying?

Absolutely. All it takes is a little preliminary planning and good management of your time. It may seem a little hectic at first, but it will all be worth it when your knowledge of Machine Learning helps to elevate you to a new, promising career.